Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Hazrat-e Masoumeh University



Reflecting on the concept of fashion design shows its close connection with fashion and the distinction of this profession from tailoring. Although there are extensive and reliable documents about the history of clothing in Iran, there is no detailed research about the position of the clothing design profession and how it was formed in the social history of Iran. Based on a descriptive-analytical approach and using historical sources and archaeological evidence, this article seeks to clarify the ambiguous situation of the background of the fashion design profession in Iran. The main question is also about what is the position and career of fashion design and how it is formed among other professions in social history of Iran. According to the findings, there are no serious signs of the existence of the fashion design process before contact with the West among the activities of Iranian tailors and other related people and jobs such as their guild supervisors, painters and courtiers. By studying historical documents, the connection with the West during the second Qajar period, the presence of European tailors and the establishment of Western schools, seems to be effective in the formation and promotion of this skill as a new profession in Iran. However, the findings show that this issue was not related to the lack of familiarity of Iranians with tailoring skill, but due to their disinterested in fashion and frequent changes in clothing.


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