Journal of history of Iran)


History Department, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran.


Since 1332 AH (1914 AD), the migration of Russian subjects to the north of Iran was the beginning of a new chapter in the relations between Iran and Russia.The most important cause of this event was the changing Russia's policy about immigration and convert it into a strategy in Russian politics. In fact, the Russian government was trying to colonize these areas by settling immigrants in the northern states of Iran, especially the state of Astarabad and gradually separate the northern areas of Iran. The immigrants who entered this area were made up of different groupsn and each of them immigrated for some reason. What groups of Russian subjects immigrated to Iran and for what reasons? Is the important research question. The present study, with Descriptive and analytical method and documentary and library study, tries to deal with the above questions as well as, to inspect the process of migrations to Astarabad and the reaction of Iranian authorities and local rulers to these migrations. Research findings show that the groups such as Turkmens and Malakans immigrated to Iran, because the Russian statesmen encouraged them to do this to take over the land, that their migration caused to the seizure of properties and lands, increased the power and influence of Russia in this region and left a deep cultural impact.


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