Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


The kind of hat used by mystic groups, known as “Kolah-e Tark” or “Taj-e Sufiana” has always had a special status and function. Since the first centuries of Islam up to the Safavids era, Taj or Kolah-e Tark has undergone a major change both formally and conceptually. The purpose of this article, using the historical method of research, is to understand and explain the mentioned changes and their historical causes and factors. The findings of the research shows that the Kolah-e Tark was initially used as an ordinary headwear, but in the course of time, its form and concept changed and became a sign for abrogating the evils, a religious or sectarian motto, a component of social and political identity, as well as a pretext under which pro-Safavid militants and groups were humiliated by the Ottomans and Uzbeks.