Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


Abstract After the collapse of the Safavids Iran's political conditions encountered chaos, instability and insecurity. Under such conditions, European colonial powers such as Britain and France expanded their influence in different regions of the Middle East and India. Local governments in India were involved in competition with them and British government could establish strong government there. Under such circumstances, some of the famous Iranians - like descendants of Mir Namatollah Jazayery, the highest rank clergy of safavid period - migrated to India. How was Iran’s condition at the time that forced such famous families to migrate to India and serve the British colonial aims? Among The important elements in this regard are: upheavals, economical confusions, domestic insecurity, drought, increasing poverty, tumultuous political system and economic disorders, the development and the growing significance of the Ports such as Basreh and Booshehr because of the presence of the British. Also the fact that India and ottoman in neighborhood of Iran became more stable and prosperous caused many Iranians who sought peace and prosperity to migrate. The main goal of this article is to study the conditions which led many Iranians to migrate to India and serve the British as the agents of colonial power. The descendants of Mir Nematollah Jazayery, Mehdi Ail khan Khorasani and Mirzā Abootaleb Khan were among the most important of these migrants who served the british..