Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


The causes of Yousuf Khan Mostashar al-Dowleh's intellectual transformation, the nature of the laws he had in mind, the intellectual bases of these laws and his attitude towards the Western constitutional systems are the problem issues connected with the present research, which have been analyzed through the historical method by focusing on the primary sources. Mostashar al-Dowleh was an Iranian intellectual during Nasser al-Din Shah's era whose familiarity with the Western constitutional systems led him to find out that the secret behind the progress of European governments was because of their laws and legal systems, and the reason behind Iran's backwardness was the lack of these factors. He considered transforming the political system of Iran as necessary. The form of government he suggested for Iran of that era was a constitutional monarchy whose laws were taken from the Declaration of Human Rights mentioned in the preamble to the French Constitution and was within the framework of Islamic sharia.