Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


The immigration of Zaydi scholars to Iran in the middle of the third century AH/tenth century CE and the establishment of a short-lived Zaydi emirate in the Caspian provinces of Iran did significantly contribute to the flowering and subsequent enrichment of Zaydi traditions of religious scholarship across the vast swathes of land in Iran stretching from the centers of Zaydi community in northern Iran to major centers of urban life in Khurasan, which was to continue for centuries even after the demise of the Zaydi emirate in Tabaristan. In the course of the sixth and seventh centuries AH/twelth and thirteenth centuries CE, these traditions of religious scholarship were to be transferred from Iran to Yemen, wherein they helped the spread and institutionalization of Zaydi scholarly discourse. This present study commits in the first place to outline the underpinning tenets of Zaydi scholarly tradition in Yemen, and then deals with the transmission of Zaydi traditions of religious scholarship from Iran to Yemen.