Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


The presence of the Khorasanis in the establishment of the Abbasids led to the more vivid presence of them in the political and cultural positions of the Islamic world. The Khorasanis’ presence was more notable in the scientific circles of Baghdad. Their supreme position in the scientific circles of Baghdad was due to the suitable grounds and various motivations for their presence there. The Khorasanis educate in these centers. During their leadership of the scientific movements in Baghdad, they were highly received both by the scientific circles and the public. Using the descriptive-analytic approach in historical research and presupposing teaching and acquisition scales, this essay aims at answering the question concerning the position of the Khorasanis in Baghdad’s scientific circles during the 9th and 10th A. C which is known as the glorious epoch of cultural-scientific progress in the Islamic world. The findings of this essay will show that the Khorasanis had been both founders and leaders of the intellectual, scientific, and religious movements.