Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


Debates over the nature of the First Pahlavi government have started several decades ago with establishment of the government . However, researchers have not yet reached a general consensus about the definitive characteristics of the Pahlavi government. Therefore, this paper attempts to present a model of study, and through deliberating on one of the major policies of the government (the Nomadic policy), will try to describe the nature of the First Pahlavi State which is regarded, in this article, as Reza Shah era . The main research question is that, according to the First Pahlavi government’s plan for nomadic community, which component is more suitable to introduce the nature of this state? The research hypothesis is that, based on the government’s policy toward nomadic community, combined trait of the kind of “modern absolutist state” is more compatible with the nature of this state . In this paper, citing documents and evidences related to nomadic politics and using descriptive and analytical methods, compliance or non compliance of the components that have been used so far to describe the nature of Pahlavi State (such as Bonapartist state, huge ,dilatory, absolutist ,Modern and semi Modern) has been studied . The research’s findings indicate that the absolutist First Pahlavi State, compared with absolutist European governments, may not be acceptable, because the formation of absolutist governments in Europe has helped the formation of the modern state, but the First Pahlavi State did not so.