Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


Publication of newspapers in the Qajar period reflected many social, cultural, economical, political, official problems and different aspects of people’s lives in various hinterlands and helped at least the literate class become aware of the situation in different cities. Meanwhile, newspapers such as Vaghaye Etefaghiye and Dolat-e Alie Iran published differing news about the circumstances in cities (Kerman, in particular). For different reasons, Kerman of the pre-constitutional period set up the social movement which finally resulted in the constitutionalism. Therefore, in addition to the local sources of this hinterland, newspapers can also describe that epoch in Kerman. The basic problem of this article is to investigate political, economical, military, judicial, security, religious/theological, cultural, service situations and also the natural events of Kerman from the view point of printed matters of the Qajar period. Investigation of the printed matters according to the historical research and on the basis of data analysis indicates that conditions of this hinterland has been reflected clearly in the newspapers of the pre-constitutional period and from these sources the events of that hinterland can be reconsidered.