Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


For Iranian society which was ruled by Mongols, Ilkhanid state (12581335- A.D) was not a unified hegemony, and even in Iranian historiography of the Ilkhanid period, they were called Chengizid Mongols. But, this holistic viewpoint is not appropriate or clear for explaining the political events of Iran in that time. Because, in the whole period of Ilkhanid dynasty which lasted one hundred year, Holakuid family ruled for only eighty years. In fact, from among Holakukhanian, six out of nine Ilkhans belonged to the branches of Abaqaid. Mongols called this division Oroghe. Finally, this was the Arghon, son of Abaga, who took the main power. In fact, this process was the result of the particular principle of Turanid society that took the place the old one which considered the royal succession a divine matter, not a terrestrial dominance.