Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


Ottoman government did not have political presence in Mashhad during Qajar's period but has found some supporters such as Caucasians Turks beginning of the World War I, when the alliance of Islamic world was presented. After the Ottoman's defeated and formation of Turk National Great parliament, the relationship of new government with Iran and Afghanistan increased. So Mashhad was one of the relation centers of these three Islamic governments. By the establishments of Afghanistan's consult in the late Qajar's period, turkey established it's Shahbandari in Mashhad in 1341. The entrance of Mohammad Sami Beig caused important steps in Islamic world alliance for flattering istar and moonj flag. So practical actions were performed for the alliance of Iran, turkey and Afghanistan and the conditions became better for their alliance in Reza shah period. Sami Beig's operation and England and Russia's reaction is another subject that has not been considered yet. In this article, the reasons of Shahbandari's establishment , Sami Beig's operation in different fields such as giving speech in imam Reza' s holy shrine, visiting schools, meeting with journalists, holding Friday pray and Fetr's pray, participating in mourning, encouraging and supporting English policies' opponents and the relationship with Afghanistan's consult will be investigated.