Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


World War II which was the result of some political European contact started 1939، had alto of political and economic consequences in Iran. As the result of such condition the industrialization project، which was one of the governmentُs economic policy in Iran during the Reza shah era, was impressed by this war. World War II effected industrialization in Iran in tow phase and paved the way for failure of this policy in Iran. The first phase of this effect started from the outbreak of World War II until occupation of Iran in Shahrivar 1320 and the second phase was started after occupation by the Allies. By survey of books and archived documents this article deal with problem according to historical approach to put forward this question that why and how World War II affected industrialization policy in Iran? To answer this question the hypothesis is that the necessity of establishing, equipping and keeping of newborn industry of Iran made it dependent on experts and industry of Germany. Since Iran industries depended to Germany Industries and experts, Marine blockade of Germany by England led to crisis for Iran Industries. Afterward occupation of Iran by the Allies pawed the way for either failure of industry or served according to the military policies of Allies.