Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


A variety of facts played role in expansion of Sheikhie in Kerman and this study tries to consider those facts and functions of Sheikhie in this city. study of historical facts, based on historical research method, shows social and cultural disturbance, especially in opinionative situation of Kerman, lack of strong canonic and scientific circle, Kerman's vicinity to Yazd Province - which was Sheikh Ehsai's residence, Inclination of Ebrahim Khan Zahiroldole, Kerman's ruler, to Sheikh Ehsai, Haj Mohammad Karin Khan's (His son) tendency to Ehsai and receiving permition From Seyyed Kazem Rashti, are most important facts of this expansion. Also Haj Mohamman Karim Khan's use of Material and spiritual backings Kerman and His and His Succecors acts in carrying Preach sermonies, speaches in Mosques, Teaching in Ebrahimieh school, and compilation of books and epistles on Sheikhi canon Helped with This sect's social and opinionative cohesion.