Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


With the rise of the Safavid in Iran, Sufism and its performance in the Iranian society underwent some changes, especially in the second half of the Safavid period where Sufism lost its former position in the government. After the fall of the Safavid and the short reign of the Afghans and Afsharians, Sufism struggled for political power and social position, and even a place in the society like their previous position. Sufis, in the unstable situation after the fall of the Safavid, continued their efforts. During the last days of the Safavid, scholars came to pay attention to theoretical mysticism, and the result was that the mysticism could survive. This article is to describe the methods of historical research, political science and mysticism in the years 1761 to 1761 AD. Results show that, despite the political activities of Sufis, they were not successful, and this continued in the next period.