Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


The importance of the historical side of Joveyni’s Jahangoshay, is clear to everybody. Definitely, the main historical reference that indicates the tragedies of Mongol’s invasion to Iran is Jahangoshay. Mentioning the numerous grievous and disastrous events which falls on those days Iranians, impresses the readership in the way that making the author guilty in accuse of assisting Mongols in their oppression.This article is trying to make clear that, the polyhedral language helps Atamalek to do what his masters want and taking side of them and at the same time, saves and records the tragic events of Mongol’s invasion by his cleverness and awarness. He disgraces the black veil of Mongols, meanwhile history narration, by using several tricks. The authors of this article are trying to identify and draw out Joveyni’s anxieties and his criticisms, by subtle studying and classifying under two main subjects: Reports and Methods.