Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


The current study aims at the investigation of the position of the Divan Arz (Ministry of Army) as a section of the bureaucratic organization in the governance of the army during the reign of Mohammad Khwarazmshah. This work also explores the weakness and incompetence of the Muster master (Arez) in governing the army and establishing the military organization. It also suggests that it was this same weakness that led to the defeat of Mohammad Khwarazmsh in the war with Mongols and caused the eventual unexpected destruction of his kingdom. Through an analytical study and research in history, this article demonstrates how the Khwarazmshahid dynasty failed in the establishment of an administrative and supportive structure consistent with their greed and expansionist objectives – a failure that can be at least partially attributed to the incompetent administrative organization especially in the field of the Divan Arz (ministry army).