Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


Since the death of Xusrō II Parviz in the February of 628 A. D to the coronation of Yazdgerd III in the June of 623 A. D، more than ten kings most of whom were stooges of the powerful Iranian noblemen and king electors and whose genealogies، duration of reigns and even the order by which one succeeded the other are still unknown and unclear ascended to the unstable throne of Sasanid kingdom. One shining example of such historical obscurity is observed in relation with the reign of Gošnasb-deh/ Pērōz Gošnasb-deh and Xwarrah-zād Xusrō/ Farroxzād Xusrō. The major question is whether Gošnasb-deh and Pērōz Gošnasb-deh were the one and the same king and if so and if Pērōz was simply the royal name of Gošnasb-deh، did he come to the throne after the death of Bōrān or after the death of Āzarmīgduxt? One also needs to ask whether Xwarrah-zād Xusrō and Farroxzād Xusrō were the one and the same and if so، did he ascend to the throne after the death of Āzarmīgduxt or after the death of her two successors، Xusrō son of Mīhr-Gošnasb and Pērōz Gošnasb-deh?