Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


The Ghuzz were part of Oghuz tribes in the north of Iaxartes (Syr Darya) who, despite the immigration of the majority of them to Khorasan in the early fifth century, still stayed in the same place and did not leave until the sixth century – when, due to some political changes in Transoxiana, they were forced to move to Khorasan. After the collapse of the Seljuq of Khorasan, however, they plundered the area, and were, thus, under certain circumstances, forced to leave Khorasan for Kerman.Their different lifestyles from the natives next to some natural problems on the one hand, and the lack of political sovereignty on the other deeply influenced the social and economic conditions of the region, among which social insecurity, disorders in the economic affairs, brutal killings of a large number of citizens of Kerman, immigration of a few to other regions, and permanent settlement of the Ghuzz in the suburbs of such regions. The present article concentrates on the interaction between the Ghuzz and the natives as well as the social and economic problems that arose out of that matter.