Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


Khwarazmshahiyan gained military power through slavery positions. Their establishment in Khwarazm paved the way for political expansions – an expansion that was not possible without their reliance on an appropriate military power, and suitable political and military measures. In fact, Khwarazmshahiyan’s access to power was achieved through the right military measures taken by its founders at the right time and within certain potentially productive contexts provided by central governments. They also gained some of their abilities through experience and by employing the facilities obtained through their ceaseless power struggles with their rivals. Political, military, economic and geographic position of Khwarazm; appropriate utilization of tribal lands from beyond Saihoon River; and gaining military experience and trophies of war from conflicts with rival lands were among the most important factors contributing to the military development of Khwarazmshahiyan. Drawing upon historical documents, the present article aims at conducting a library- historical research in order to investigate into the influential factors and the extent to which they contribute to the military development of Khwarazmshahiyan.