Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


Georgia was one of regions, which due to its strategic and somehow religious circumstances, had a spectacular importance in the Mongol empire. This critical position was intensified following the establishment of the Ilkhanid government and its confrontation with the Golden Horde in Qipchaq. On the other hand, a set of political, military, and social factors in the region and throughout the Ilkhanid realm forced Ilkhans to be content with the continuation of local sovereignties, avoiding direct dominance over the region. It was under such circumstances that the role of the Bageratid local kingdom, its relation with the Ilkhanids and the subsequent developments were given a historical significance. As a result, political developments in Georgia became a subset of the situation in the Ilkhanid government and its relations with the Golden Horde. This article explains and analyses political developments in Georgia based on its subordination to the Ilkanid rule. It represents how Ilkhans, on the one hand, exploited Bageratids’ supremacy in the region to maintain their own domination over the region and, on the other hand, attempted to control their power in different ways