Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


The Great Depression of 1929 caused a fall in national income from raw materials export in Iran. As a result Iran had to adopt industrialization policy in order to provide budget for import of consumer goods. In this circumstances Iran was willing to make economic relationship with Nazi Germany which wanted to provide raw materials for his war industry, consequently Iran could not only sell his raw materials but also provide machinery for his industry. As a result of this mutual need, Iran and Nazi Germany signed commercial accounts clearing contract. As a result, this contract not only brought great consequences for economic policy of Pahlavi government but also for agricultural parts. This research is going to study consequences of this contract for Pahlavi`s agricultural policies according to a historical method and using archive documents, books, newspapers and magazines during Pahlavi I. One of the consequences of commercial accounts clearing contract was development of commercial agriculture for providing raw materials for Germany, it took priority over industrialization and all other policies.