Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : Research Paper


One of the most prominent forms of intellectual life among the Sunnites is the one that relates to a group of them who have a joined attention to Orthodox caliphs along with the belief in the Twelve Imams in the circle of their own religious beliefs. The present article studies the reflection of this thought in manuscript miscellanea which is called Kachkul (kashkul) by its writer because of various components and treatises of manuscript miscellanea written by Mir Jamal Al-din Mohammad Husaini Jami: the Hanafite Sufi of the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Present study represents the special attention of this mystic writer of manuscript Miscellanea to the texts of Sunnite, particularly in the field of Timurids interests and religious tendencies of The Sunnites of Khurasan and India, admiring the Ahl al-bait and their elegies and his fortune toward the contents of Shiite and Safavid dynasty. Therefore, it can be counted as an example of such a thought and balanced combination of Shiite and Sunnite discourse titled as Twelver Sunnite.