Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : Research Paper


The importance of everyday life in social history is based on behavior, orientations, and mental habits of social agents. After the victory of the constitutional movement and the possibility of outbreak of modern discourse, the newcomer women's newspapers tried to classify the mental background and practical methods of this discursive shift, and in the meantime recommended women a new approach to life and women's affairs, in order to be able to go correctly through this discursive shift. The aim of this paper is to identify the path which these newspapers took up in the sphere of women's everyday life through making partial changes with a different approach. This paper, using content analysis method, seeks to explain that the modern discourse which stemmed from the victory of the constitutional movement, in its formation, what impact has had on women's everyday life and to where it has directed them. The result of this research is that these newspapers as modern and pioneer institutions with a shift in women's approach, mind, and behavior in housekeeping and child rearing, tried to intensify women's individual identity in the path to modern discourse and in course of this to show them the way.