Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : Research Paper


MahSharaf Khanom-e-Kurdestani, whose pen-name is Mastureh (18051848- A.D), had a high position in literature and history. This is no secret to literati and historians that the viewpoints of Mastureh in the History of Ardalan should be studied because she was both a great historian and a profound historiographer. Mastureh had an excellent eye for discovering the hidden angles of Ardalan History excepting the last leaves of Mastureh history—which was unfinished. Mastureh's forced immigration to Soleimaniyeh in 1847 A.D., losing her big supporter Hossein Gholikhan Ardalan, and the resulting disorders and confusions were all influential in this case. The present article tries to study and criticize the narrator and Ekhvaniyeh of Mastureh narration to her uncle ,RonagheSanandaji, in an external and internal criticism who had completed his unfinished work by writing the residual of history of Mastureh. He tries to revive part of the hidden angles in the last leaves of Mastureh History..