Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


The booklet Emtiyaz-e Favayed-e Ammeh, written by Mirza Malkam Khan Nazem od- Dowleh, is about economics and dates back to the Nasser ed-Din Shah period. In the booklet, Malkam discusses the privileges granted to the merchants of Tabriz. He also explains the necessity of establishing companies and offers instructions on how to establish a company. The booklet does not have a specific publication date, and the relationship between its topics and the events of economic history is not very clear. Therefore, through the historical method and the use of historical documents and texts, the present article will attempt to establish the publication date of the booklet as well as the relationship between the content of the booklet and the events of economic history. The main question is: when and with reference to what economic events of the Nasseri era did Malkam write the booklet? The essential finding of the present work indicates that the booklet was written in the year 1306 of the Hijri Calendar for people who wanted to prepare the ground for investment in different industries, including road construction in the Azerbaijan region of the time, by selling stocks and founding stock companies.