Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : review paper


One of the areas in which the National Legislative Assembly legislated was the issue of drug and addiction. The first law passed in this area, that is the law of limitation of opium, is especially important because after passing this law in the Parliament, a new era concerning drug and addiction began. In this research, legal procedures related to drug and addiction from 1910 to 1928, are investigated using a historical approach and archival documents and sources. The results show that the important role of opium in government revenues and its budget has caused the Parliament and government to consider it a valuable resource. Therefore, they tried to control it in favor of government treasury as much as possible. In this period, in order to prevent drug contraband to the country, the law of prohibition of drug importation to Iran was passed by the Parliament in 1923 for economic reasons. This law didn’t mention anything about domestic opium products and made Iran’s economy more dependent on opium. In all codes of conduct passed by the government and related ministries, a special attention was paid to the revenue aspect of opium and they were not concerned about drug users and the question of it being crime or not. Finally, the first law withholding drugs and addiction and considering it a crime was passed in 1925.