Journal of history of Iran)

Document Type : Research Paper


For a political system, security is one of the instrumental categories which determine the stability of a government, and it is a necessary index of progress in a society. Absence of security can lead to political instability and impermanence. Using different measures, therefore, governments have always tried to prevent the factors challenging the security and peace in their territories. The Ghajarid government suffered from security problems for different reasons. Various factors challenged the social security, and although some of the statesmen took drastic measures to prevent unrest and commotion, permanent stability did not emerge during the period. The present study deals with some of the main causes of social unrest during the Ghajarid period in a descriptive-analytical manner. Findings show that the political structure created the predisposition to unrest and insurrection since it was based on tribal bases of ruling, tribal and ethnic supremacy and the despotic rule of Ghajarid princes in different provinces; and it was the main internal root of instability.