Journal of history of Iran)

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Yasuj University


With the influx of Afghans and the fall of Isfahan, people from across Iran, pretending to be the descendants of the Safavid dynasty, claimed the prince and tried to revive the rule of dying Safavid dynasty. Many false Safi Mirzas were among the claimants of prince in Iran after the fall of the Safavids. The main and most well-known Safi Mirza was the person who reclaimed the throne in the Sothern parts of Iran including Bakhtiari, Shoshtar, Kohgiluyeh, and Behbahan. He, who lingered longer than other claimants, formed a government and issued coins, slecting Kohgiluyeh and Behbahan as the center of his government. This province was always considered as one of the important Biglarbig of the Safavid empire, and at times it triggered crises during the Safavid era. The rebellion of Ismail, the false, and Mullah Hedayat Allah Arandi, both of whom were Shahi's claimants in Kohgiluyeh, occurred years before the fall of the Safavids. But then, after the decline of the Safavids, Safi Mirza’s uprising once again turned ???? of Kohgiluyeh and its related areas into a focal crisis point.